Netcat Chat

Chat on local networkwith Netcat

Netcat is one of my favorite tools to use and has many benefits, one is to chat privately on your local network. Lets see how it is done.
We will not have to install anything, because the netcat program comes with the system. What we will do to test with our own machine for example will be the following. We open a terminal and write the following command assuming we want to communicate over port 31337 -> nc -l 31337

That will immediately start a kind of broadcast ( listening for that port to any ip coming request connection request for our case to write. In our case we will also use linux to simulate the other person and the machine itself, but it can be done without problem from another computer and with another operating system such as windows.

Our partner would have to write assuming our private ip is> telnet 31337

And immediately the connection is successful. You can try to write that both will receive the messages of each one.